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How One Optometry Office Was Able to Remain HIPAA Compliant While Cutting Costs By 50%

"We upgraded the patient experience and slashed costs. What more could you ask for?"

-Sherry Dawson, practice manager, Kennedy Vision Health Center

Plymouth, Minnesota
Elk River, Minnesota
Number of Employees

Business Challenge
+ Patient requests for communication via email
+ High cost of paper and postage
+ Limited and complicated file-sharing options

Business Results
+ The offices can send patient files via email and maintain HIPAA compliance
+ Overhead costs are reduced by 50% when eliminating postage
+ Doctors, staff and patients love the easy-to-use solution

For over 40 years the Minnesota-based Kennedy Vision Health Center (KVHC) has been delivering top-notch customer service in the healthcare industry. But everyone needs to modernize at some point, and the center was receiving patient requests for digital copies of receipts, prescriptions and other information. KVHC knew it needed to look for a secure and easy way to electronically meet those patient needs while remaining HIPAA compliant.
“We wanted ShareFile primarily because we had more and more people saying, ‘Can’t you just email that to me?' I had to say, ‘Yes, that would be awesome, but I just don’t have an email that I can use.’"
Now, by using ShareFile to send important information to patients, KVHC is able to maintain HIPAA compliance while delivering the stellar customer service they are known for.

“I looked at a few other services, and they just didn’t seem as clean and easy as ShareFile. I just liked that it was super simple. Very easy to do,” raved Dawson regarding her office’s integration of ShareFile into their process. “There really are no questions. Easy to install and just get started. That was very appreciated.”

As an added bonus, KVHC cut overhead costs by 50% using ShareFile compared to printing and mailing patient receipts and information.

“We don’t have to mail out prescriptions,” said Dawson. “We were sending receipts quite often. At 49 cents every time you mail out a receipt or something, that’s a lot.” But now with ShareFile, Dawson can just use the desktop widget to upload and send pertinent patient information with a click.

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“We use new technology in our eyeglass lenses, in our contact lenses and in our equipment in our office. So it was about time we used ShareFile technology to upgrade our prescriptions and records.”

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