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How One Law Firm Uses Citrix ShareFile and GoToMeeting to Meet Clients' Legal and Security Needs Around the Globe

"This is technology working under the rules of the profession."

-Nick Critelli, Attorney and Barrister at Law Critelli Law, P.C.


Des Moines, Iowa
New York

Number of Employees

Business Challenge
+ Tracking document downloads was essential for attorneys.
+ Attorneys desired a more professional, secure way to send documents.
+ Firm needed a way to meet with clients and counsel around the world.

Business Results
+ Firm is nearly paperless in all business transactions.
+ Attorneys can securely send client files electronically.
+ Clients and counsel in different countries can meet online.

Ever since Nick Critelli started his law firm CritelliLaw in 1967, he has worked to leverage technology to provide his clients with the best possible legal product, delivered effectively and economically. Since adopting ShareFile, CritelliLaw’s offices in England and the United States have delivered on that promise by becoming nearly paperless, dramatically reducing spending on paper and postage. But saving money is only one benefit.

“What I like about ShareFile is that it passes the test for my ethical obligation to make all reasonable efforts to make sure my data is secure,” says Critelli, who also chairs the Iowa Bar Association’s Ethics Committee. Now, every document that leaves his office is sent with ShareFile, which encrypts files in transit and storage. Critelli has even used ShareFile’s reporting and notification features to his advantage in court cases.

“If I sent just a letter to an insurance company, I don’t know who has it or if they read it. If I send that letter with ShareFile, I see who downloads it, when they forward it, and if the general counsel has the file,” says Critelli. “I can prove with real data in court that someone who says they never received a file actually has it.”

Critelli finds similar value with another favorite Citrix product, GoToMeeting.

“The two best modern tools for the legal profession are online legal research and GoToMeeting” he says. “By using GoToMeeting, we have conquered geography, and I can haveface-to-face meetings with my clients and witnesses around the world. And because we have consensual recordings of all of our meetings, the potential for misunderstandings has been eliminated.”

Critelli uses ShareFile and GoToMeeting together to protect his attorneys and his clients. He records every meeting with GoToMeeting, and then he sends the files to all parties involved via ShareFile. It’s technology like this, he says, that has given his firm a way to  show more value to clients.

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“This is technology working under the rules of the profession.”

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