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How NJ Farm to School Network Powers Affordable Outreach with Citrix ShareFile

"We were spread all over the country, and ShareFile was just able to help us tie everything together."

-Sheri Kurdakul, marketing and technical advisor, NJ Farm to School Network

NJ Farm to School Network


Trenton, New Jersey

Number of Employees
15 volunteer board members

Business Challenge
+ Nonprofit required a low-cost solution to improve processes.
+ Email was unable to handle large file packets submitted by schools
+ Educators and volunteers needed an easy, fast way to work together.

Business Results
+ Volunteers can receive contest submissions without size limits.
+ Website integration makes it easy for educators to send information.
+ Volunteers are better organized and able to work on the go.

NJ Farm to School Network partners with New Jersey schools to promote healthy eating habits through school gardens, sourcing local food for lunch programs and public advocacy.

The nonprofit created a Garden of the Year contest to honor successful programs, but the first contest proved problematic. Each entry included up to 10 photos, and schools sent hundreds of high-resolution images via email, causing the director’s inbox to crash.

Before the next contest, Sheri Kurdakul, NJ Farm to School Network’s marketing and technical advisor, signed up for Citrix ShareFile because it was easy to use and affordable.

The NJ Farm to School Network launched the next Garden of the Year contest witha ShareFile upload form on the Network’s website. Educators could visit the site and submit photos in a few clicks, and Farm to School Network board members could review entries online.

“It’s freed us up technologically so we’re not spending all our time trying to organize things. Because we’re volunteers, our time is so valuable. The less time we can spend worrying about a platform, the more time we can spend trying to affect change."

When asked to organize volunteers and speakers for the 2014 National Farm to Cafeteria Conference, Kurdakul knew where to start. She added a ShareFile form to the National Farm to School Network website, so speakers could upload presentations and materials.

“It just worked really well. We were spread all over the country, and ShareFile was able to help us tie everything together," says Kurdakul.

And with commitments to her career and family, Kurdakul can support the NJ Farm to School Network on the go with the Citrix ShareFile iPad app.

“I don’t feel like I’m tied to my laptop all the time! Especially when we’re traveling around, I don’t always have the ability to pop open my laptop and have Internet access. But because I have my iPad with 3G, if I have somebody call me with a question about a submission, I can quickly log in and help,” says Kurdakul.

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