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How JamisonMoneyFarmer Uses Citrix ShareFile to Protect Clients' Privacy

 “The capability to send large files as well as the added security ShareFile provides have been essential to our firm.”

Patrick Dunlap, network and systems specialist, JamisonMoneyFarmer
Tuscaloosa, Ala.
Number of Employees
Business Challenges
• Firm wanted to improve security of shared electronic information.
• Firm needed to organize and exchange confidential financial documents.
• Document transfer process was time-consuming.
• Clients located in multiple regions.
Business Results
• Firm and clients enjoy added security.
• Clients appreciate speed of document exchange.
• Firm can instantly send files around the world.
JamisonMoneyFarmer (JMF) serves privately-held businesses, government and nonprofit organizations as well as individuals in Alabama and throughout the Southeast with a full range of accounting, tax and consulting services.
Like most large accounting firms, JMF experienced the challenge of securely sharing confidential tax and financial documents. JMF CPAs were forced to use flash drives and burned DVDs to physically send large files to clients, which presented issues with security, tracking and resources. In particular, the potential loss of a drive or disk raised security concerns.
To better meet clients’ security needs, JMF began looking for a secure file-transfer solution for its business operations.
With ShareFile, JMF now has the ability to quickly send QuickBooks backup files and other confidential documents to and from clients in a secure manner.
“The capability to send large files as well as the added security ShareFile provides have been essential to our firm,” says Patrick Dunlap, network and systems specialist at JMF.
Because ShareFile requires a specified user name and password and files are transferred with up to 256-bit encryption, JMF clients feel better about accessing or sending confidential accounting files.
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“Clients are much happier with the speed and the security of file transfers between our firm and them. It made us more efficient, more secure and shows that our firm is everevolving to meet the needs of our clients.”