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How GoffWilson Keeps Client Files Safe With Citrix ShareFile

"It lets the client know that you care about the privacy of their information."

-Susan Goff, immigration attorney and partner GoffWilson, P.A.

GoffWilson, P.A.
Concord, N.H.
Number of Employees
Business Challenge
+ Clients wanted to improve security of confidential files.
+ Clients mailed sensitive files to the firm, slowing communication by days.
Business Results
+ Citrix ShareFile provides password-protected, encrypted storage and transfer for all sensitive client information.
A New Hampshire-based immigration firm with clients throughout the United States, GoffWilson, P.A. combines great service and expert legal counsel. Prior to using ShareFile, GoffWilson attorneys and staff sent files through email. When a client approached the firm with concerns about data security, it was natural for staff to go the extra mile to accommodate the request.
“We deal with a lot of high-tech companies. A lot of the information they work with is protected,” says Susan Goff, an immigration attorney and partner at the firm. “A client said to us they were very concerned about the security and would appreciate if we could look into other options.”
When the search for secure file transfer led to Citrix ShareFile, Goff says that the firm saw the possibility for broader implementation. By allowing the firm to send big files through a secure, password-protected portal, ShareFile became an added value that GoffWilson could offer all clients.
“This was another thing we could provide to our clients. It’s a win-win for us. It lets the client know that you care about the privacy of their information because you set this up to maintain their privacy."
Attorneys have found ShareFile’s tools to be simple to use and easy for clients to adopt. GoffWilson employees use the ShareFile Plugin for Microsoft Outlook to create and send secure ShareFile links to confidential files directly in email. Clients receive the links and simply enter a password to access their files, including financial statements, paystubs, and visas that would normally be too sensitive for email transfer.
Employees find that they can also turn to ShareFile for organizing and collaborating over files internally. The GoffWilson team uses ShareFile’s flexible permission controls to allow coworkers to see and access files posted to the portal, while ensuring that each client is able to see only the files shared with them.
“It’s nice to have it all in one location. We all work as a team,” says Goff.
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