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How Enns & Associates, Inc. Powers Flexible Bookkeeping Services With GoToMyPC and ShareFile

“I appreciate simple. It just does what it says, and it works.”
-David Enns, CPA and owner
Visalia, Calif.
Number of Employees
Business Challenges
• Firm wanted to offer clients affordable bookkeeping support.
• Clients needed help with files located on their computer at a moment’s notice.
• Previous methods for sending or receiving secure files were time-consuming.
Business Results
• Employees can remotely support clients’ in-house bookkeepers.
• Clients can receive full support online with just a phone call.
• Files are sent or received securely without difficult extra steps.
David Enns, founder and CPA at Enns & Associates, Inc., finds that many small and medium businesses need support with complex accounting tasks, but do not require a full-time bookkeeper. Enns and his staff offer services as absentee controllers and accounting trainers, using GoToMyPC to review accounting files and demonstrate procedures online. Enns strongly recommends GoToMyPC to new clients as a way to keep costs down.
“Our experience is that it’s way more expensive for us to support you if we can’t get remote access,”With GoToMyPC and a guest invite from the client, Enns’ employees can remotely access a client’s computer to review accounting files, help assist with training issues, and more. If clients call in with questions, they can initiate GoToMyPC sessions and have accountants coach them through any issues immediately.
“We had a need to exchange files with clients easily. Without GoToMyPC, we had to get the client to bring in a CD or use email or mail,” says Enns. “If we have GoToMyPC, we can transfer files a lot easier.”
Enns & Associates’ success with GoToMyPC led them to try another Citrix product: ShareFile. Enns says that it’s too time-consuming to email large files as encrypted PDFs; ShareFile provides security and eliminates many of the steps needed for each send.
“ShareFile has been really good. We’ve implemented it with everyone on email. If it’s anything remotely sensitive, we use ShareFile."With the ShareFile Plugin for Microsoft Outlook, he can send a secure link to a file using the same steps as file attachment. The plugin saves him the hassle of manually encrypting files before each send. “It’s a lot quicker,” he says. “It will save us all hours.”
“The products Citrix puts out are simple and intuitive,” Enns adds. “There aren’t 50,000 buttons and options on the screen. I appreciate simple. It just does what it says, and it just works.”
Try ShareFile for Accounting free for 30 days and see what it can do for your business!