How e-signature workflows drive HR efficiency and employee experience

There’s more to human resources than paperwork, though it might not always feel that way. On their best days, HR professionals can dedicate their time and attention to valuable work like attracting, developing, and retaining talent. But all too often, they get bogged down in time-consuming manual tasks and paper pushing that make it impossible to focus on more strategic processes. To do their best work, HR teams need more efficient ways to deal with the large volume of employee documentation their jobs require.

RightSignature helps HR professionals work more efficiently by shifting from outdated manual processes to e-signatures and digitized workflows for a broad range of processes, including:

  • Recruitment efforts such as applications and reference consent forms
  • Employee onboarding and offboarding tasks such as offer letters, new-hire paperwork, tax forms, I-9s, and termination letters
  • Benefit documents such as enrollment forms and open enrollment, benefit-change forms, and retirement forms
  • Payroll documents such as W-4 forms and salary agreements

In fact, a 2020 study conducted by Aberdeen Strategy and Research found that HR functions using simple techniques such as e-signatures can improve employee productivity by up to 70 percent — and help organizations speed up time-to-hire for job candidates by as much as 4x. With RightSignature, HR professionals can spend less time pushing paper and more time building the best workforce for your organization.

Simplify, Enhance the Employee-Onboarding Experience

Getting new employees up and running is one of an HR team’s most important — and complex — responsibilities. RightSignature helps both HR professionals and candidates manage large amounts of paperwork and information more easily so they can move on to the business at hand.

  • Save time with templates. RightSignature makes it simple to build templates for common employee documents like offer letters, I-9 forms, and W-4 forms, including pre-saved tags that make them easy to find and highlighted fields that make them easy to complete.
  • Allow anywhere, any-device signing. To keep the hiring process moving quicky, RightSignature enables candidates and employees to sign agreements anywhere, on any device, including smartphones and tablets.
  • Create convenient document packages.  By packaging up to five files (2:09) in one document envelope for signature, you can send employees and candidates a single email request that lets them sign all these documents in one workflow. The signer gets a better experience without the inbox clutter and potential confusion of one-by-one agreement requests — and HR can avoid the legwork that comes with missed requests and overlooked documents.

Generate common documents to send for signature, like W-2 forms, quickly with reusable templates to speed up repetitive processes.

Remove Bottlenecks Around Agreements

Collecting signatures on new-hire paperwork, benefit packages, and other materials can be a cumbersome, drawn-out process that slows HR operations and frustrates everyone involved. With RightSignature, HR teams can accelerate their work while making a better impression on new and current employees.

  • Avoid repetitive busywork with bulk send. HR teams often need to distribute the same type of paperwork to multiple people. Sending them to each recipient individually wastes valuable time. With RightSignature, you can send a copy of a document to many applicants simultaneously with a few simple clicks.  
  • Ensure the right steps are done in the right order. Many types of documents need to be signed by multiple recipients in a specific sequence. RightSignature lets you define sequenced signing, such as sending an offer letter to the new employee first for their signature, and then automatically prompting the hiring manager to sign the letter and complete the process. 
  • Keep things moving automatically. Automated reminders help keep employees and candidates on schedule without the need for HR to send manual-follow ups, speeding transaction times and saving valuable time for HR staff. 
  • Receive supporting documents. It’s all too easy for email attachments like vaccination cards or proof of past employment to go astray during complicated HR workflows. By giving employees a way to attach supporting documents in the flow of their signing process and saving them automatically to a designated folder with ShareFile integration, you can keep their paperwork from falling through the cracks.

Connect Disjointed Business Processes

When HR processes are in sync and organized, HR professionals can work efficiently to build an optimal workforce. ShareFile, with integrated e-signature powered by RightSignature, helps simplify and streamline HR workflows with a single point of collaboration for document signature, storage, access, and organization.

  • Easily keep track of signed documents. With a unified solution, HR professionals can send documents for signature with a single click and  automatically save completed agreements (1:25) back to the same folder with no extra work.
  • Build e-signatures into your other HR tools. An open API makes it easy for developers and admins to integrate RightSignature into any HR solution so HR professionals can get all the benefits of e-signatures, no matter which application they’re using. 

Empower HR professionals with better ways to build and support your workforce. Learn more about RightSignature and choose the right plan for your organization.

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