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How Citrix ShareFile Helps Law Firms Deliver Encrypted Files in 3 Easy Steps

By Sarah Gould, Citrix ShareFile

Attorneys, administrators and other professionals in the legal industry go to great lengths to protect sensitive data. But you may find that there aren’t many great options that are cost-effective, easy to use and meet your security needs. Mail is too slow for the pace of today’s law practice, and shipping large packages is expensive. More immediate transfer methods, like fax and email attachment, provide no security for your data and are inefficient for sending large files or packages of documents.

Fortunately, there is an easier way. Citrix ShareFile has helped law firms transfer large amounts of data with advanced security measures since 2005. With a comprehensive approach to both file access and data protection, ShareFile makes it possible to send sensitive information in a seamless process that your coworkers and clients will gladly adopt.

Read on to see three ways ShareFile helps you send files easily and securely.

1. Combine the ease of the cloud with built-in security measures.

By storing and sending sensitive files with ShareFile, you get effortless access to the benefits of a business-friendly cloud. While you can choose files to share with just a few clicks, ShareFile goes to work to keep those files safe throughout all levels of the storage and transfer process. With encryption for files in transfer and at rest on ShareFile servers, your files are never sent or stored in plain text format (unlike email or standard FTP.) When you choose a file to send, ShareFile uploads it, stores it and creates a link that you can send. Even very large files and folders can be sent in one step, with no clogged inboxes or bounce backs. You can also password protect links to ensure that your files are only available to the intended recipient.

In addition to using ShareFile to protect confidential email attachments, you can also upload files to your account and allow others to log in through your custombranded web portal provided by ShareFile. The online portal makes it easy to ensure that everyone has the most up-to-date version of any information, without requiring inbox searches or breaking large amounts of information into multiple email messages or faxes.

2. Bring secure file sharing to the tools you already love.

ShareFile creates the perfect combination of online access and downloadable tools to fit the needs of any user, any time. In addition to the convenient, web-based interface available from any computer or device with an Internet browser, ShareFile tools and apps integrate with the processes you use daily.

ShareFile mobile apps bring easy file sharing, editing and access with the same advanced security features found in the web version to iOS, Android, Windows and BlackBerry phones and tablets.

The ShareFile Plugin for Microsoft Outlook helps you convert any attachment up to 10 GB in size to a secure ShareFile link without ever leaving your Outlook screen. ShareFile Sync allows you to set any folder on your computer to synchronize with your ShareFile account, automatically saving your updates to your shared folders for seamless collaboration. With these options and more, ShareFile makes secure file exchange as simple as possible, no matter your preferred workflow.

3. Create auditable reports of account activity

Even with world-class security controls, you need to ensure confidentiality and track your data. ShareFile reporting features allow you to create unlimited customizable reports. Track downloads, uploads, logins and more. You can even audit account storage and access permissions to ensure that all users have access to the right information or run a report including total transfers by client or folder for billing purposes.

When you need more immediate, proactive information about account activity, email notifications are available to alert you of any uploads or downloads through your ShareFile folders and links. Choose to receive notifications as soon as any activity occurs or at given intervals such as once a day, and ShareFile can deliver all the details you need at your convenience.

Upgrade your file-sending process effortlessly.

The ease of cloud storage and transfer, tools to help you build a customized workflow and robust account tracking combine for dynamic file sharing. ShareFile is the ideal solution for firms that need a simple way to collaborate with experts, perform discovery, exchange information with clients and more.

Sign up for a free trial of ShareFile today to start securely sending your confidential files right away. Visit ShareFile for Legal or call 1-888-324-0168 to learn more.