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How VCU maintains control of information with Citrix ShareFile

How VCU maintains control of information with Citrix ShareFile

Business Challenge

  • Files were too large to send via email.
  • Existing methods lacked security necessary for clinical research.
  • Researchers needed advanced tracking.

Business Results

  • Researchers can track documents nationwide. 
  • All data transfer is secure.
  • Operations are more efficient.

One of the nation’s top research universities, Virginia Commonwealth University employs more than 20,000 people on its two campuses in Richmond, Va. When VCU’s Department of Social and Behavioral Health, which works with more than 4,000 people throughout the country, began a research study on organ donation, it needed a secure file-transfer solution to send and receive the study’s sensitive information.

For the study, researchers must transfer audio recordings with confidential information from each participant. Prior to using ShareFile, the department sent the information via email, which caused technical issues due to large file sizes and security concerns for researchers. Along with the unease caused by the insecure file transfer, email did not give the department the ability to track whether an employee, consultant, partner or vendor had actually received a file.

According to researcher Gerard Alolod, the first file-transfer service the department tried was not user-friendly, but ShareFile worked well.

“What we really like about ShareFile is that we have access to how people receive the data, can track when and if people are accessing the data, and are also able to limit how long the data is out there. In other words, we have much more control,” says Alolod. “With ShareFile, our files are encrypted, so we do not have to worry about sending sensitive information.”

Using ShareFile, the department is able to generate links to files, so recipients can download only what they need to see or use. Because ShareFile is a web-based application, there is no software for researchers or recipients to download in order to transfer files.

“ShareFile really allows us to keep our data secure and streamline our operations. The service makes a very complex project run more smoothly,” adds Alolod.

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