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HIPAA Compliant File Transfer Service

Secure file transfer is a must for any business, but HIPAA compliance for secure file transfer services are strict. And they have to be, as they address confidentiality needs regarding medical or insurance information.  So how can you ensure that your file transfer practices are HIPAA compliant? We'll show you the way.

HIPAA applies to doctors, healthcare providers and insurance companies and is categorized into five rules:

  • Privacy: protection of medical records and personal health information
  • Security: protection of electronic protected health information (PHI)
  • Transactions: required codes for administrative transactions
  • Identifiers: items that promote standardization, efficiency and consistency for administrative and financial transactions
  • Enforcement: violations differ if they occurred before, on or after the compliance date of Feb. 18, 2015

Using Citrix ShareFile for HIPAA-compliant file transfers

Healthcare professionals everywhere rely on the the robust privacy and security features offered up by ShareFile to support HIPAA compliance in their file transferring practices. You can share patient records, X-rays and financial information with the peace of mind you and your patients desire. ShareFile will even provide and sign a HIPAA Business Associate Agreement for you upon request.

Just some of the ways we help healthcare professionals transfer files within HIPAA regulations include:

  • High-grade datacenters that are SSAE 16-accredited and perform regular security audits and multiple data backups
  • State-of-the-art encryption in both transfer and storage phases
  • Customized password settings that include multi-factor authentication and account lockouts
  • Session timeouts after periods of inactivity, pre-determined file self-destruct and remote wipe for devices that are lost or stolen
  • View-only permissions for selected files

With nothing to install or maintain and the ability to transfer large files with the ease of sending an email, ShareFile keeps speed and ease of use in mind while adhering to the tightest of security guidelines.

Learn more about how the ShareFile Cloud for Healthcare keeps you safe, and engage in a 30-day free trial to see how easy it is to support your compliance with HIPAA laws with ShareFile.