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HIPAA Compliance and File Sharing

As file sharing goes, security risks abound whenever a document contains sensitive material, confidential information or financial records. So it’s easy to understand the privacy, public relations and fiscal damages that can occur when healthcare information takes a wrong turn.

In 1996, the United States government enacted the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) to protect the privacy and security of certain health information while in storage and transfer phases. As file sharing made the transition from paper to electronic form, the act’s requirements became necessary to protect information such as pay claims, eligibility questions, medical histories, insurance records and so forth.

As a result, companies are required to practice HIPAA-compliant file sharing whenever storing or transferring healthcare-related information. And companies like Citrix ShareFile are supporting those efforts.

ShareFile supports HIPAA compliance measures

ShareFile is a simple solution to support a firm or practice’s compliance with HIPAA file-sharing regulations. The Citrix ShareFile Cloud for Healthcare is an enclave in place specifically for any companies involved with the storage or transfer of protected health information (PHI), such as hospitals, pharmacies, injury law firms or insurance companies.

Here are some of the pieces in place to support our customers’ HIPAA compliance when sharing files:

● Session timeouts. You are automatically logged out of ShareFile after a period of inactivity.

● Encryption. We encrypt all files with the same coding used by online banking services and even allow you to add a second encryption of your own prior to uploading.

● Integrity monitoring. Algorithms are in place to verify the integrity of files during upload and download phases.

● Password protection. You can add your own configurations to our already secure password parameters and even integrate ShareFile with identity management tools.

Our measures to help customers comply with HIPAA file-sharing standards even extend to our multiple datacenter facilities themselves. Regular backups to multiple locations, restrictive building access and cage-locked servers ensure files are secure during storage. Disaster recovery is tested annually, and both internal and external audits on building security are performed.

You wouldn’t take unnecessary risks with your health. Don’t do it with your file sharing either. Use ShareFile to support your HIPAA compliance needs.


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