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What Should I Look for in Group Collaboration Software?

The last decade has seen a considerable uptick in the use of group collaboration software. Technological advances have replaced traveling with high-definition video conferencing. Email is fading away due to cloud-based file sharing. The value of software as a means of fostering team collaboration is being realized by companies everywhere.

But this high demand has also brought on a high supply as software companies everywhere have been churning out collaboration tools by the bushel. So how do you select the one that’s right for you? Consider these eight things:

The group collaboration software checklist

☑ Easy to use. Collaboration needs to happen smoothly in order to happen productively. If team members are fumbling with buttons, their minds aren’t freed up to do their best thinking.

☑ Fit to scale. Businesses come in all shapes and sizes with differing ranges of collaboration demands. Find a software solution that fits your demographic.

☑ Secure. There’s too much piracy, virus attacks and server crashes out there to take any risks. Make sure your group collaboration software takes every security measure possible to guard against such threats.

☑ Powerful. Collaboration should come with no limits. Your software should allow for large file uploading and unlimited storage.

☑ Supportive. Being on hold or waiting for an email response is nobody’s idea of collaboration. Choose a software program that offers round-the-clock live support.

☑ Trackable. Sometimes collaboration has to take one step back to go two steps forward. Software with activity tracking and file versioning allows you to do just that.

☑ Integrable. Being able to work straight from your normal platform, such as Microsoft Outlook, and seamlessly transition into collaboration is critical to maintain the flow of progress.

☑ Mobile. Collaboration shouldn’t be limited to the office. Cloud-based software with mobile capabilities lets you collaborate from anywhere.


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