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What to Consider When Searching for FTP Site Lists

Searching through online FTP site lists may seem like the best method of finding the right fit for your data transfer needs. But what if an alternative FTP solution provides you with the same key features and functions plus better security, efficiency and reliability? Think about signing up for a free trial with Citrix ShareFile instead.

Why should I consider an alternative to FTP site services?

Over the years, people have used both traditional File Transfer Protocol (FTP) and Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) for their data transfer needs. However, with the increase in technological advancements and security needs, these kinds of services have become outdated because they are clunky and time-consuming to use.

With our FTP alternative, ShareFile users are able to not only transfer data of all sizes with ease but also improve its overall management.

Top seven benefits of using ShareFile over FTP

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when searching for the right solution for managing your data. Keep it simple and secure with ShareFile. With four levels of flexible data management plans, we’re confident you’ll find our cloud-based options are the best fit for all your file sharing, syncing and storing needs, which all include these features.

1. Flexible access — Get secure access to your account in or out of the office from any network-connected mobile device or desktop with Internet access.

2. Storage and transfers — Our storage plan options range from 100 GB to unlimited. Users can send files up to 100 GB in size with just a few clicks.

3. Email integration — Email big files by attaching them to normal emails that would typically exceed an email’s maximum size limit, with our easily downloadable ShareFile Plugin for Microsoft Outlook.

4. Track and monitor — Track and log all file activity through ID verification and password protection, so you have detailed records of whenever a file is downloaded. Easily restrict users from granting access to third-party editors who might create unsecured file copies.

5. Reliable security — We use the same 128-bit SSL encryption used by banks, the government and other institutions that deal with confidential information.

6. Customized interaction — Interact with coworkers or clients through an intuitive, custom-branded portal with your business’ online account.

7. 24/7 telephone and email support — We are ready to answer questions you have about your account instantly.

So, stop browsing through FTP site lists and get back to finding those things you’ve always wanted! Learn more about ShareFile today and how we can help you save on much more than time.