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What You Should Know About FTP Servers as a Windows User

With numerous options available, deciding which FTP server for Windows matches your file management needs can be challenging. Before you begin sorting through potential FTP server solutions, it’s important to understand the basics of FTP software and servers and know any potential risks you might not have previously considered.

What are the risks as a Windows user?

If you are a Windows user interested in using an FTP server to transfer and manage files, then you’re in luck. There’s an array of both free and paid options available for Windows systems, plus the option of setting up your own home FTP server.

While setting up a home FTP server or enlisting a Windows FTP server might sound like an attractive option, neither eliminates the security issues that often accompany using traditional or secure FTP software.

● Security for traditional FTP is virtually nonexistent, which makes them a target of regulatory auditors. It also puts your sensitive or confidential data at high risk of access by an unwanted party.

● Your users’ login information is not always protected, even if your FTP service includes an encryption solution.

There’s also the drawback that users must download a software application to access and connect with their FTP server of choice.

What if I don’t want the extra baggage of a FTP server?

There’s a lighter, more convenient option: The cloud.

At Citrix ShareFile, we don’t take any chances when it comes to your data’s security. So unlike traditional FTP software that can’t encrypt transferred data, we provide industry standard encryption for all your files and folders at all times. This means your data is protected at all times.

Key security features

Our file-sharing service protects your data while at rest on a cloud server, during transfer and while stored on devices. We provide security for your data stored across our servers, including firewalls, virus scanners, share link expiration and a remote wipe tool. This provides security crucial in most regulated industries, especially healthcare and finance.

At ShareFile, we understand you’re working with highly sensitive data that must comply with federal guidelines regarding its security, storage and transmission. Many organizations are legally liable if they neglect compliance, and the consequences can affect customers. When it comes to a secure and reliable file-sharing service, you should be able to utilize archiving features, private storage and technology in support of federal compliance standards. ShareFile provides all these features.

Forget having to download extra software applications unnecessarily and instead consider ShareFile as the affordable FTP alternative for Windows. With our cloud-based solution, you don’t have to worry about dealing with special ports or downloading additional software. Our file transfers are fast and reliable, while our web-based interface easily streamlines your workflow.

To learn more, contact us for your free trial today!