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Waiting on an FTP Server

In a client-serving position, your goal is to produce work for your customer. Unfortunately, sharing files through an FTP server often makes more work for your client. FTP servers require time and effort on the recipient’s behalf and don’t provide the same customer experience as a cloud-based infrastructure such as Citrix ShareFile.

FTP servers vs. ShareFile

Consider some of the roadblocks incurred when sharing files with a client through an FTP server and how ShareFile navigates those pitfalls.

FTP servers are time-consuming.

Large files can take several minutes to download from an FTP server and can even slow down the server for the entire company during the process. It can also prevent you from doing anything else on your computer until completed. This disrupts workflow and creates a pain point for your client.

With ShareFile, information is shared in seconds, as the data does not have to travel from one server to the next. Just upload your files to the cloud, and your client can access it instantly.

FTP servers can force clients to download or install software.

Your client may not have the appropriate software to properly download the files you send them through an FTP server. You are then left asking your client to download or install complicated software or tools and keep up with the necessary maintenance and repairs.

ShareFile is completely web-based and requires no software installations or downloads. Our easy-to-use interface makes sharing files fast and easy.

FTP servers are short on security.

An FTP server transfers information without any protection. This leaves your important data vulnerable to attacks or privacy issues.

ShareFile guards your information with AES 256-bit encryption and password protection. These features ensure your files arrive safely to your client.

The advantages of ShareFile over an FTP server don’t end there either. Discover all the benefits of using ShareFile, and set yourself up for a better client experience.


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