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Find the Best FTP Process for Your Data Management Needs

When looking for the best FTP process for your data management needs, keep it simple and efficient. No matter if you’re transferring, storing or syncing data, there are key features to consider when evaluating available FTP service options. Let’s discuss what to seek and also examine another option — Citrix ShareFile.

How does the FTP process work?

File Transfer Protocol is used to transfer data between computers on a network, locally or remotely. Generally, FTP servers require authentication and will keep users’ account sessions open until they log out.

While FTP sites are useful for data transfer, they also have many drawbacks, including:

    ● Slow transfer speeds and multiple login attempts may occur due to heavy use.

    ● Using SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol, a method for transferring data over a secure channel (Secure Shell) instead of traditional FTP still doesn’t guarantee data protection.

    ● FTP often requires additional software and firewall reconfiguration.

Keep your data management process reliable

Managing your data securely and efficiently can be challenging when you rely on FTP sites. That’s why ShareFile provides an easy-to-use interface that’s highly secure.

With our platform, you have a wide breadth of capabilities:

    ● Store data starting at 100 GB, and send files up to 10 GB

    ● Track and monitor complete file activity with ID verification and password protection.

    ● Restrict data access to third-party editors.

    ● Securely access your account whether in the office or on the go.

    ● Use the Plugin for Microsoft Outlook to attach large files that typically exceed an email’s maximum file-size limit.

    ● Customize your portal with your business’ logo and color scheme.


We also boast these premium security features that keep your information safe:

    ● 128-bit SSL encryption (used by the U.S. government)

    ● AES 256-bit encryption protocol for stored data

    ● Firewalls and virus scanners

    ● Remote wipe tool

    ● Off-site data backups

    ● 24/7 data monitoring

Finding an FTP process that best fits your data management needs doesn’t have to be complicated. Invest a few minutes of your time and keep it simple with ShareFile by starting your free trial today.