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How to Make FTP Accounts Management Easy and Effective

If you’re managing FTP accounts on top of managing the data itself, keep things simple with a data management solution that’s both reliable and secure. Citrix ShareFile, our cloud-based solution, centralizes all data management into one intuitive portal that can be custom-branded to ensure your brand’s image is present throughout any client exchange.

File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is a method for transferring data between computer accounts — both local and remote. Over the years, traditional FTP and SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol, a method for transferring data over a secure channel (Secure Shell) have been go-to methods for many users. But their security levels and slow transfer and connection speeds have led many to more frustration than productivity.

ShareFile not only addresses those concerns but provides those features and more with an easy-to-use solution that makes data management a breeze.

Top five benefits of ShareFile for easy data management

● Impressive capacity

    ○ Store data starting at 100 GB, and send files up to 100 GB as well.

●Flexible access

    ○ Securely access your data in the office or remotely from any network-connected device.

● Detailed tracking

    ○ Use ID verification and password protection to track and monitor all activity.

    ○ Revoke permissions for third-party editors to access files.

● Reliable security

    ○ Stay safe with 128-bit SSL encryption (same as the U.S. government) and AES 256-bit encryption protocol.

    ○ Trust other features to protect data, including firewalls and virus scanners, remote wipe tool and off-site data backups.

● Email integration

    ○ Use the ShareFile Plugin for Microsoft Outlook to attach files that normally exceed an email’s maximum file-size limit.

Learn more about how ShareFile can simplify your FTP accounts management process by starting your free trial today.