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Businesses Shouldn't Rely on Free FTP

Over the years, businesses have relied on FTP (file transfer protocol) services ― both free and paid ― as their go-to method for file and folder transfers to coworkers and clients. However, the increase in news and reports regarding its risks and unreliability has shifted in favor of higher security.

Free FTP services can cost you in the long run

The unfortunate reality of free FTP sites is minimal security. While you cut costs for your business with them, you may not be decreasing future expenses if security is breached and you’re stuck with cleaning up the mess afterward. Not ensuring you have the proper security now means it’s likely that you’ll eventually have to rectify that problem, and that can be expensive.

Top three reasons to be wary of traditional FTP services

No matter if your business is using free or paid FTP services, it’s probably raising more risks than you realize. In one article, cyber security community Dark Reading mentions these reasons why old-fashioned FTP introduces compliance and security risks:

● Traditional FTP sites lack security, which makes them targets of regulatory auditors. They put your sensitive or confidential data at high risk of access by an unwanted party, especially for healthcare and finance professionals.

● Even an FTP service combined with an encryption solution doesn’t cover protecting users’ login information. This can create issues for security and compliance staff wanting to supervise the level of access to data.

Anonymous authentication limits your control over who accesses your FTP server or how often they do it. Security staff may turn it off, but even so, the infrastructure does not support the level of supervision necessary within a regulated environment to provide exact information about who accessed what and when.

Choose a better alternative

In defense of FTP services, they were not designed to encrypt traffic, making the network vulnerable to attackers. That’s why it’s better to utilize a secure, efficient and web-based way to transfer and share files. And that is exactly the file transfer solution we offer at Citrix ShareFile.

Unlike traditional FTP services, we encrypt users’ files not only during transfer but also while they’re at rest and stored in your ShareFile account. Other key features of our secure file transfer solution include:

● Data storage starting at 100 GB

● File sharing and sending of up to 100 GB

● ID verification and password protection to monitor all file activity

● Capability to restrict data access to third-party editors

● Secure access to files whether in the office or remotely working

● Plugin for Microsoft Outlook for sending files larger than typical email maximum file-size limits

● Customized portal to best represent your brand

Don’t rely on free FTP when it comes to your business’s information. Instead, check out how ShareFile can decrease your stress levels and save you time. Contact us to start your free trial today!