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Free vs. Paid File Uploads

For most things in life, you tend to look for the best deal. And, what deal is better than one involving the word “free”? But, that so-called “free deal” could end up costing you a whole lot more than you bargained for when it involves free file uploads.

The downside to free file upload services.

Finding the right service to upload and store your files can be challenging, especially when you factor in your budget. For that reason, we often turn to the “free” options that are omnipresent across internet search engines. But, the reality is, in most cases, you can’t unequivocally vouch for a free site’s security claims, with a few exceptions of providers that provide a free trial period or particularly basic free service with the hope that you’ll like the service enough to become a full-fledged member. One of the main concerns regarding free services is the high potential for a security breach by hackers and other internal or external threats.

The problem with spreading yourself thin.

For more reputable storage providers that provide a free一but extremely limited一service, users need to be wary of the “individual file size limit.” If you can’t “upload files larger than a gig,” that means you’re probably going to have to either limit how much you store online, or use multiple file storage services. Now, the latter is where this kind of free file uploading gets tricky. Using multiple file storage sites means you have to keep track of what you stored where and which files you’ve shared with third parties, i.e. more stress and higher security risks.

The question is, why would you add more work and stress for yourself when you could streamline all your file uploading and management needs with Citrix ShareFile? 

The file upload service you want, without the risks.

Get the kind of file upload service you been looking for in all those free file upload services with ShareFile’s four levels of plans. We offer with a range of secure, cloud-based options for all your file sharing, syncing and storage needs. Benefits of our plan options include:

Large file uploads - No more error message pop-ups stating your file failed to upload due to its large size. With our service, you can upload files as large as 10 GB in a single transfer.

Forget limited storage - Our plans’ storage options ranging from 100 GB in size to unlimited, so you can find the best fit for your specific storage needs.

Easy Transfers - Improve efficiency levels and streamline file management by transferring files and creating folders in bulk.

Flexible access - Securely access your files and folders from any mobile device or desktop with Internet access that’s connected to the network.

Safe and secure - We make your data’s security our priority with industry-standard (AES 256-bit) encryption protocol, firewalls and virus scanners. We also offer a range of advanced security features, including tracking and logging all file activity in real-time, as well as share link expirations and ID verification.

Don’t settle for just any free file upload service. Instead use a cloud-based service that’s not only reliable and secure, but also provides you with a range of file management solutions from uploading to sharing. No matter what file you’re uploading, you should always be able to confidently say that it’s protected against unpredictable security threats.

Learn more about how ShareFile can help you upload your files simply and securely today.

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