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Free File Transfers Aren't So Free

We’ve all heard this reasoning before — why pay for a service you can get for free?

We can all agree that often, being “free” just makes something seem ever-so-slightly better. But is it really? What are you actually getting with that free service in comparison to what you might be giving up?

Don’t let free equate to quality in every situation.

For file-sharing services, the difference between a free and paid service is notable, especially if you’re looking to use the service for professional purposes. From lax security measures to low limits on cloud storage and file upload capability, a free service can end up being more taxing than useful to you.

“Security” or security?

Many free services list a security system in their features, but is it actually effective? You could always test it out, but that’s a risky endeavor that could go either way. Avoid opening up sensitive data and files to hackers and unauthorized users with cloud file syncing and sharing service that provides you with multi-factor security protection.

Don’t lose control — manage it

Maintain control over access to your business’ intellectual property and sensitive information with our industry-standard data encryption, password authentication, remote wipe, share link expirations and centralized network of apps and desktops.

At Citrix ShareFile, your data’s security is our priority. With the security features offered by ShareFile, your IT department can track and log activity in real time to ensure all data and apps meet compliance requirements. IT can also restrict the use of third-party editors which could be used to create unsecured copies of files and in turn put private company data at risk.

Your success = our priority

Here at ShareFile, we pride ourselves in the quality of the cloud transferring and storage service we offer our clients. In addition to receiving advanced security measures, our service also enables you to:

Upload files up to 100 GB in size.

● Share directly from ShareFile, your email or your desktop.

● Receive 24/7 telephone and email support.

● Customize your ShareFile portal to match your company’s branding.

● Enjoy so much more.

Find out more about how we can help optimize your daily workflow today. It’s more safe and valuable for you than any other “free” file transfer services now on the market.