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Free File-Sharing Sites and Security Concerns

“The best things in life are free” is a quote relevant to many situations, but not for file-sharing sites.

Consult Tech Radar's list of the top file-sharing sites on the market. You'll see different plans for different needs. A variety of functions, options and strategies. But none are free.

Free file-sharing sites are high in quantity but low on quality. They’ll skimp on the features to make room for the third-party links and advertisements from which they make their money. They can’t handle very large files or quick and secure file transfers.

Safe, reliable and high-performing file sharing comes at a cost. Fortunately, it’s not the arm and the leg you thought it might be.

Effective, affordable file sharing

Citrix ShareFile offers file sharing and storage for as little as $16 per month. For what you’d pay for three cups of coffee, ShareFile lets you share and store up to 100 GB at a time. You’ll also receive:

● 24/7 phone and email customer support

● Personalized branding for your client portal

● Mobile app for on-the-go sharing

● Unlimited client users

● Desktop widget

● Multi-factor authentication password

File syncing to your desktop

● File versioning of up to 30 days

FTP capabilities

● Secure datacenters on the cloud

There’s another quote that comes to mind: “If there’s anything worth doing, it’s worth doing right.” The whole point of using a file-sharing site is to store and transfer files safely and easily. If this isn’t made possible by your free file-sharing site, why bother?

If you’re still hung up on “free,” you can use ShareFile free for 30 days under a no-obligation trial. Signing up is easy, and you’ll be sharing files in just seconds. And once you experience ShareFile, you’ll see why it’s worth it.

Ready to try ShareFile? It's free for 30 days. No credit card required.

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