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Free File-Sharing Programs: A Risk for Your Business

Every business tries to operate as efficiently as possible—doubly so for smaller firm and startups. When it comes to online collaboration, free file-sharing programs may appear to be an attractive and affordable option.  In reality, they have some serious drawbacks that may cost your business in the long run.

Are free file-sharing programs too good to be true?

When choosing a file-sharing program for your organization, consider what’s important to your daily operations.

One of the foremost concerns is security, right? When you download a free file-sharing program (freeware), you run the risk of downloading spyware or a virus that can compromise the security of your organization. Also, do you know where your files are stored? Is the server safe and reliable? How often is it backed up? Who can access the files?

Another factor that affects your business is capacity. For most businesses, efficiency without sacrificing quality is a top priority. This means that you want to be able to quickly share files — even large files — with minimal issues. Unfortunately, many free file-sharing programs offer limited storage options and cannot support the exchange of large files.

Lastly, you want your file-sharing company to support you beyond implementation. The majority of free file-sharing programs, however, offer little to no implementation and troubleshooting support, leaving you on your own during a crisis.

At Citrix ShareFile, we want you to have the best experience when choosing a file-sharing program. We take your common concerns — security, capacity and support — and offer realistic, easy-to-implement solutions. Our file-sharing software:

● Uses 256-bit encryption (the highest level of security for file transferring).

● Stores an unlimited amount of documents and shares up to 100 GB at one time.

● Offers 24/7 customer support, online help resources and onboarding specialists.

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