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Free Cloud Storage May Not Be All It Seems

Who doesn’t love anything claiming to be “free” to use? By now, though, you should know that not everything “free” can provide real worth to you.

Free cloud storage is no exception. In a market flooded with options for both free and paid cloud storage, a comparison is necessary to weed out exactly what is free and what only appears to be free.

What’s “Free,” and What You Get

Maximum file size

Some cloud storage companies that advertise as free only allow for very small file sizes to be uploaded, stored and transferred. While this may be suitable for someone with the smallest of needs, most companies will be severely limited by these file size restrictions. If you need larger file size capabilities, you’ll be forced to pay up.

Storage capacity

As with file size, the amount of storage space is also limited with free cloud storage companies, typically capping customers at only a few gigabytes, or just enough to store a few hundred songs or a couple of movies. This limit will be reached in no time, and you’ll end up having to pay for additional space.


The security of your files is not something that should be compromised. Unfortunately, cloud storage companies that are free on price also tend to be free on security. Many lack personal encryption or secure key management features in place to protect your information.

Mobile access

Some free cloud storage services only grant you desktop access to files with no ability to sync up to other devices. That doesn’t cut it in today’s business world where most of us own and work on multiple devices.


The whole point is to keep your files protected in a secure location, right? Then why do many free cloud storage options fail to perform regular backups or use multiple power sources at datacenters?

Tech support

Customer service is often left out of free cloud storage providers. If you need any help, which most of us will at some point, you’ll have to pay for an upgrade.

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