How Forbes Mergers & Acquisitions streamlines operations with Citrix ShareFile Virtual Data Room

Citrix ShareFile VDR provided an easy-to-use platform, secure 24/7 access and saved the firm money without technical issues.

ShareFile removed annoying, time-consuming user training, support and debugging. It is simply highly intuitive and reliable.
Bob Forbes
Forbes Mergers & Acquisitions

Forbes Mergers & Acquisitions


Greenwood Village, CO

Number of Employees

Business Challenges

  • Other products were complicated.
  • Firm had constant technical issues with prior systems.
  • Security and permissions were lacking.

Business Results

  • New platform is easy to use.
  • Firm has secure access 24/7.
  • Firm saves money without technical issues.

Forbes Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) is a transaction advisory firm with a core focus on mergers and acquisitions in industry sectors that are under served by larger investment banks. Forbes M&A also provides valuations and other financial and strategic advisory services.

With the nature of their highly sensitive transactions, Forbes M&A needed a way to share files between parties with airtight security and extensive options for user permissions. Before using ShareFile, the firm tried other virtual data room products but experienced constant technical issues with remote access and backup of its internal file system. The firm was also challenged by the interfaces of other virtual data rooms, especially when they tried to teach clients how to use those tools.

“Other products were not intuitive. They were overly complicated and most vendors tried to reinvent file sharing,” says Bob Forbes, president at Forbes M&A. “We couldn’t afford for our users to be a part of the changing way they store and share files.”

Currently, Forbes M&A uses ShareFile as its intranet and virtual data room extranet. Employees benefit from ShareFile Desktop Sync, which automatically syncs local computer files to the ShareFile system.

The firm manages the extensive user access and provisioning options of ShareFile VDR through its web interface, accessible in any web browser. That same interface also allows for secure access to the sensitive files needed to complete deals from other remote computers. According to Forbes, the most important benefit for the firm compared to previous virtual data room solutions is ease of use.

“We eliminated third-party technical support costs and user support headaches once we implemented ShareFile,” says Forbes.

We’re embracing the digital movement, and ShareFile is a good conduit for that.
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