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Why Financial Portals Are Essential for Effective Communication

Convenient, efficient financial portals are changing the way businesses relate to their customers. They provide users with a reliable, secure alternative to emails for communicating with clients. Let’s discuss the benefits of using financial portals and how other solutions can benefit finance professionals better.

Why use financial portals?

Financial portals provide professionals with an efficient, paperless method for communicating with clients. While this method is beneficial in many respects, not every portal is guaranteed to provide the level of security necessary for transferring sensitive financial documents and data.

That’s where Citrix ShareFile comes in.

Sharing confidential information shouldn’t be taken lightly, but it shouldn’t be too complicated either. We help you keep it simple without sacrificing any data protection.

Put your financial data’s security first with ShareFile

We understand time is money in the finance industry, which is why we created an intuitive interface that provides our clients with the accessibility and security needed to streamline both daily and long-term workflow. The benefits of our financial portal include:

Streamline collaboration — You can send and receive confidential client statements, forms and other documents, directly, as well as allow designated third parties to search and export files, links, messages and activity logs directly from your ShareFile account.

Customized — The web portal can be customized to look like it's an extension of your company’s site rather than a separate service.

Accurate tracking — Our advanced, detailed reporting tools enable accountants to easily track and audit all account activity. Archive account files, folders, sent messages, active and inactive links and notifications for a minimum of three years.

Simple integration — Access your ShareFile account directly in your CRM system to streamline report access and eliminate the need for manually sorting and uploading documents. Our ShareFile Plugin for Microsoft Outlook enables you to embed secure links to files right from your email and allows clients to instantly upload secure documents for you.

Transfer large files — Share files and folders up to 100 GB in size and create unlimited client folders.

Flexible access — Both professionals and clients can access stored data whenever and wherever from any web-based mobile device or desktop.

Security — All files stored in the portal are transmitted with 128-bit SSL encryption, and all our datacenters are SSAE 16 accredited to ensure your data is fully secure. Granular folder-level permissions within the portal ensure clients are only able to see folders they’ve been granted specific access to view. ShareFile supports compliance with state and federal security regulations.

Learn more about how the financial portal provided by ShareFile can improve your workflow today.