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File Version Control and Management for Businesses

When sharing a document with a large number of users, if you grant them editing permission, incorrect or unwarranted changes can be made. So it's critical that administrators have control over file versions. This safety feature can save a modified file and may also just save someone a client — or a job.

Controlling file versions

A document may go through several phases of modification before completion. Or it may even be an ever-changing file needing regular updates. Other documents should not be changed at all. Regardless of the situation, there are two big advantages to having the ability to access previous versions of files.

  1. Security — Control over file versions grants control over accountability as changes to a file can be documented. It can also save the day if a modified file needs to be reverted to its previous form.
  2. Convenience — Instead of having to rewrite or remember changes, having control over previous file versions lets you easily reference changes and quickly revert to them if needed.

Having the control to access previous versions of a file is a solid foundation on which to strengthen security and improve user experience. But file sharing companies like Citrix ShareFile are taking it a step further with these added features to protect file versions.

  1. Download alerts — Anytime a file is downloaded by an end user, the administrator is notified with an email detailing the time and identification of the user.
  2. Activity tracker — Every change that is made to a document is tracked and recorded so administrators can view every change, when it was made and by whom.
  3. Access log retention — The details of file access are kept for at least one year.
  4. File self-destruct — Downloaded files can be scheduled for removal from a device after a set number of days from which they are downloaded. 
  5. View-only permissions — Shared files can be done so in view-only modes to prevent recipients from making any edits.

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