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While most companies recognize that traditional file sharing tools are no longer good solutions for business, few have developed their own file upload site or found another efficient way to transfer files. If you still share business files via email, you know its limitations. Email attachments are subject to size restrictions, making them an inconsistent way to send over a few megabytes. There’s no security to protect personal or business information. But how do you get a more professional, consistent way to send files without expensive software or an FTP server? You need a business-friendly tool to share deliverables and contracts securely.

Get cost-effective, professional file transfer

Citrix ShareFile helps thousands of businesses create online portals where they can exchange files between employees and clients. With a custom-branded file upload site, users can transfer files in a secure, convenient online environment. ShareFile offers world-class customer support and a variety of features designed to make it the easiest, most flexible file sharing solution you will ever use.

Upload files of any type, up to 10 GB in size

  • ShareFile supports any file you work with, whether PDF, document, drawing or video. Unlike file sharing services designed for consumers, ShareFile transfers files up to 10 GB, so you can upload large, high-quality files without hassle.

Share files easily, without giving up privacy

  • Once your files are stored with ShareFile, you can share them with anyone. Simply grant another person access to a folder on your account. They do not need to sign up for ShareFile to see the files you have shared, and they will not see any information except where you expressly grant them access.

Use robust upload tools to work with entire folders, zip files and more

  • ShareFile has the efficiency-enhancing tools that business users need. Upload entire folders from your local file system at once. Work with the contents of zip files directly within ShareFile. There’s no need to take extra steps to organize the files in your portal.

Best of all, setup is easy. You can open a custom web portal and begin exchanging files in minutes. Sign up for a 30-day, free trial today and see how ShareFile can make file transfer simple for you.