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File Upload Service

When you use a file upload service, the speed of uploading is slower than downloading. That means your file transfer takes longer, especially for big files. Depending on the host you're using, your login and password can easily be seen by bad guys on the web.

Not at Citrix ShareFile — we're built to secure your business documents.

Cloud Storage: A Secure Solution for File Transfers

Companies conduct business online just as often as they do in person. It's so much easier to share information, but there are risks that many businesses don't even know exist. At ShareFile, we protect our clients' files for them.

Secure File Upload

Many web services provide clients with an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) server to upload files. Though FTP has been updated to be more secure, there are still security issues. The security protocols of the upload can be controlled by individual users and even when secured, the command codes are still visible on the internet.

At ShareFile, we use a different protocol. SSL/TLS not only secures the file, but also protects the command codes — your username and password. The upload is secured with a minimum of 128-bit encryption.

We also make it possible for our clients' customers to share their work files. For example, CPAs can allow customers to securely upload tax documents to the company's ShareFile account.

Big File Transfers

No matter how big the file, it can be easily shared online. No issues with email and file size limitations. You can share up 100 GB at one time. It's simple as a right-click on the file you want to share.

Choose to use our secure email option to share a randomly generated link straight from your account or generate a link to share via instant message or from your own email application. As long as you've given permission, the recipient can access the file. Plus, our support staff is available 24/7 should any issues arise.

Virtual Data Rooms

Clinical trials, product launches, mergers and acquisitions — sometimes business requires tight controls and "need to know" access. Our customers use their own Virtual Data Room (VDR) to handle sensitive business projects that require tight security. Files permissions can be set to individuals and be limited to a specific time period. The terms and conditions of login can include non-disclosure agreements or other privacy considerations.

Use a file upload service to share your vacation pictures. But for business, the smart place to be is ShareFile. Get your free trial today.