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File Upload

Sharing large files is a problematic task for businesses. With size restrictions, email is out of the question, and methods like FTP make even a simple file upload difficult. Time-consuming, inconsistent tools create unneeded hassle and eat up valuable time. Hours spent setting up a server could be better spent on high-value tasks. Business files may also include sensitive information, requiring encryption to ensure security before files can even be uploaded. Companies need secure and efficient tools to upload and send files to their clients, partners and internal employees.

Upload files quickly and securely with ShareFile

Citrix ShareFile makes it easy to share data without the need for complicated FTP servers or other difficult methods of transmission. The ShareFile service is web based and designed to give you optimal transfer rates. With tools that automatically restart transfers after interruption, you can make sure that you spend less time trying to transmit the same files over and over again, even if there’s a hiccup in your Internet connection. ShareFile always encrypts your files during upload, download and storage for complete security.

  • Upload files of any type, up to 10 GB in size
  • Maintain peace of mind with encrypted file transfer and storage
  • Transfer files and create folders in bulk for fast setup
  • Control access to files and folders on an individual basis
  • Enjoy support and setup assistance from a dedicated account manager

Try ShareFile today with a no-obligation, free trial. See how world-class service and efficient file upload can take your business to the next level.