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File Transfer Service

Make your business user friendly with Citrix ShareFile’s file transfer service. Even the most finicky clients love new ways to perform onerous tasks. Sending or receiving large computer files is one of those chores that leave users wishing for a better mousetrap. End woes such as full email caches or FTP crashes. Stop the phone calls asking folks to please send those files again. Use our secure, web-based interface and robust power tools to transfer files, and you’ll make your clients happy every day.

With ShareFile's easy interface, you can say yes to huge text, data, video or audio files from clients anywhere on the planet. Our cloud-based service enables employees and clients to send and receive files from any device with an Internet connection, and our mobile apps make it easy to manage files on the go.

Professional File Transfer

Besides being easy to use, ShareFile is built for business, and maintaining your professionalism and security at all times is our top priority. ShareFile features industry-leading security, including SSAE 16 audited datacenters and SSL encryption. Custom alerts and tracking let you monitor employee and client usage, and granular folder permissions ensure that sensitive data is protected. Custom branding lets you add your company’s logo and branding to your ShareFile site, creating a seamless experience for employees and customers right there through the client portal.

ShareFile is an innovator in business software and communications. Let the file transfer service with a history of trouble-free solutions help guide your business where it needs to go. Give ShareFile a test drive with a free trial today.