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Share files and folders easily: Sync in Windows for security

File synchronization is a critical business function, but making files sync in Windows can seem complex. Businesses need to be able to share and sync files quickly and easily. So how can you ensure that every member of your team has access to up-to-date files and folders? Enter Citrix ShareFile.

Stay on the same page: sync files in Windows

Whether creating a project using several devices or working together with a team scattered across multiple locations, you’ll want easy, automatic updates and backup of your data. Data synchronization is the process of maintaining consistency and uniformity of data across all consuming applications and storing devices.

Desktop Sync for Windows and Mac devices

Citrix ShareFile offers Desktop Sync as part of its industry-leading online file-sharing and storing services. Desktop Sync is a tool that makes files sync in Windows and on Mac devices. In addition, Desktop Sync backs up all of your data, so you never have to worry about losing a file.

Simplify the process

It's possible to download software onto your computer or set up programs yourself to sync files, but ShareFile simplifies the process and makes syncing files easy. With the sync tool you have two options for syncing files. You can also choose a two-way sync, which automatically recognizes updates made in either folder and adopts them in the other.

We also provide file sharing and storage at secure datacenters across the globe. Our 256-bit encryption meets HIPAA and government standards. Sending files is simple and quick. Our 99 percent uptime means you’ll almost always be able to share or view your files without interruption.

Let ShareFile help your files sync on Windows or provide simple, secure file sharing. Call 1-800-441-3454 for a free trial or visit ShareFile.com.

Ready to try ShareFile? It's free for 30 days. No credit card required.

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