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The Basics of File Synchronization

Synchronization is a word you hear in all facets of life.

Dancing in sync.

Synchronized swimming.

There was even a popular boy band with “sync” in its name (and we’re still waiting for a reunion tour).

Nowadays it’s even common to hear coworkers say they’re going to sync a file or folder to the cloud. But what does that really entail?

File synchronization involves setting up a cloud-based folder and copying files into the folder, which gives you access to those files from any desktop or mobile device with Internet capability. Think of it as an alternative to old-school online backups.

Like a backup service, it maintains a copy of the original file. But unlike a backup, it does not automatically create multiple copies of the original file. However, file syncing can be set so that new or updated files are automatically synchronized to your cloud-based folders.

The only downfall is that this online collaboration tool is yet another piece of your workflow to track and maintain. If you want simplicity without sacrificing quality, it’s important to consider a cloud service that syncs your files — as well as your storage and sharing.

That’s where Citrix ShareFile comes in.

ShareFile streamlines all your file syncing and sharing needs.

Our secure cloud services are offered in four levels to fit your business’s specific needs. Do you want:

More storage? We have storage options ranging from 100 GB to unlimited.

File versioning? Ours is unlimited, so you can brainstorm and revise to your heart’s content.

Flexible access? Whether you’re in office, at home or mobile, you’ll have full, secure access to all your files and folders. You can edit, sync, share and more from any network-connected mobile device or desktop with Internet capability.

Enhanced security? Industry-standard (AES 256-bit) encryption protocol, firewalls and virus scanners to combat external and internal threats. We also offer advanced security features, including a remote wipe tool, share link expirations and ID verification.

Interested in learning more about what benefits ShareFile can provide for your business? Contact us today for a free trial.

Ready to try ShareFile? It's free for 30 days. No credit card required.

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