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The End of File Storage As We Know It

Investing in a digital file storage solution has become more important than ever, as businesses move away from paper filing systems and towards more efficient and and organized computerized systems. Citrix ShareFile develops cloud-based file storage and sharing software that helps simplify business operations across multiple verticals—from construction and engineering to health care and real estate.

For instance, an article published by Modern Practice, a blog for modern dentists, states, "While many offices hire an IT professional to keep their computers and network running, there’s a constant need for upgrading the hardware and software. Cloud applications have the ability to remove any hassles, i.e. hardware glitches, data backup, server issues, and the need for upgrades. When you’ve freed up more time and budget on timely tasks dealing with your software equipment you’ll be surprised how much more time you have to spend on other matters that really will make a difference."

File Storage Solutions From ShareFile

When shopping for a digital file storage solution, most businesses have 4 main concerns: security, user experience, mobile capabilities and storage capacity. The goal of ShareFile is to help solve these challenges using intuitive, innovative technology. Here's how.


It is estimated that it costs more than half a million dollars for an enterprise to recover from a security breach. An article published by Kaspersky Lab states, "Almost all businesses, regardless of their size, have to invite external experts to recover from a security breach. But these expenses are quite low in comparison with losses from downtime and the lost business opportunities caused by an attack."

Our software enables companies to be proactive about security through state-of-the-art security features, including:

  • Securely configured firewalls
  • Multiple backups in highly secure datacenters
  • Top-grade encryption
  • Password protection
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Account activity reporting
  • Remote wipe

Simplicity and Mobility

The goal of S https://www.sharefile.com/e-signaturehareFile is to help your business run more efficiently, productively and profitably, and our software was designed with that in mind.

Need to transfer your stored information? Do so with just a couple of clicks. Need to access your files on the go? ShareFile syncs with your work computer, laptop, smartphone and tablet, so you can access files from anywhere. Need help setting up or assistance with a technical issue? Our U.S.-based customer care team is available 24/7 to assist you, and our on-boarding specialists can optimize your account and provide thorough training to you and your colleagues.

We even make it possible for you to sign and receive signatures remotely with our e-signature feature, eliminating the need for faxes and long turn-around times.

Unlimited storage

In the past, businesses had limited options when it came to file storage—physical filing cabinets, external hard drives, compact disks or thumb drives—none of which offered the flexible storage of a cloud-based system.

An article published by TecFac states, "ShareFile is the best solution out there for businesses who want to retire their legacy file servers, and provide a cloud-based file storage solution that will help win over employees who have taken it upon themselves to store sensitive business data on consumer file storage accounts."

Plans and Pricing

Believe it or not, only about half of organizations are currently using cloud computing services, even as cloud-based technology is on the rise. Why?

One reason is that many businesses, especially small businesses and startups, fear that implementing cloud-based technology will be too expensive and drain too many resources. The fact is, however, that the opposite is often true.

ShareFile has several affordable plans to meet the needs of every type of business:

  • Business Plan, $100 per month. Includes five employee accounts, unlimited storage and 100 GB max file size
  • Team, $60 per month. Includes five employee accounts, 1TB storage and 10 GB max file size
  • Personal, $16 per month. Includes one employee account, 100 GB storage and 10 GB max file size

These plans are billed annually, and additional employee accounts can be added for an additional $10-$12 per account.

Are you ready to see what ShareFile can do for your business? Sign up for a free, no obligation 30-day trial today!

Ready to try ShareFile? It's free for 30 days. No credit card required.

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