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A guide to file-sharing software programs

By now, we're all familiar with file-sharing programs, both P2P and beyond. Your business needs them, as you well know. So how can you store and share your files in a secure manner, keeping them accessible, but out of the wrong hands? There are some powerful solutions available, so let's look deeper.

File sharing software: Know the difference

Not all methods of file transfer are created equal. Though all promise the same end result, each are defined by differences in their security and usability. Before you select file-sharing software, it is helpful to understand these differences.

  • File-sharing software is exactly as it sounds — a program downloaded to help send files from one computer to another. An issue with this method of file sharing is being forced to download additional software that is inconvenient to install, consumes hard drive space and may even be harmful.
  • File transfer protocol (FTP) servers allow users to share their files over a server, sometimes eliminating the need for additional software downloads. While FTP servers offer varying levels of security, secure FTP servers use encryption to ensure data remains safe. This security, however, comes at a price. Secure FTP servers can send large files slowly and are even prone to timeouts and file loss.
  • A cloud-based file-sharing system like Citrix ShareFile offers the best of both worlds. ShareFile provides high-speed file transfers with the click of a mouse, while offering the security of 256-bit encryption that meets government and HIPAA standards. With ShareFile, there is no additional file-sharing software to download.

Online offers support

Another advantage cloud-based services offer over file-sharing software is the opportunity to seek help should problems arise. At ShareFile, we offer 24/7 customer support at U.S.-based call centers. You will feel comfortable knowing your data is stored securely at disaster recovery centers across the United States and Europe.

ShareFile is an alternative to pricey file-sharing software. Affordable packages are custom-made for businesses from small shops to large virtual data rooms. Sign up for a free trial of ShareFile at ShareFile.com to see if online file sharing is right for you.

Ready to try ShareFile? It's free for 30 days. No credit card required.

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