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Flexible Access From a Secure File-Sharing Site

It’s Monday morning, and you’re about to leave for work.

You’re looking around to make sure you have everything you need for the day.

Keys? Check. Bag? Check. Now, did you remember to BYOD?

You read that last one correctly: BYOD (bring your own device). Yes, it’s a thing.

Nowadays, it’s more common than ever for employees to BYOD to work. This provides them with more flexibility in terms of where and when they can access information for a project or presentation. But what about security? Does increased mobile access mean less security?

We don’t think it should. That’s why Citrix ShareFile created a built-in mobile content editor with native security controls that prevents data leakage while giving employees the freedom to access files offline from any location with network access.

Review, edit, share and go

Our mobile file-sharing system allows users to annotate PDF files, as well as create, edit and review Microsoft Office documents without ever having to leave ShareFile. Now you can access, share and sync files on the go from your mobile device securely. This system also gives administrators control over access by third-party editors, who might put sensitive information at risk by making unsecured file copies.

Next level security for all file-sharing needs

Unlike less-than-secure paper-based systems of the past, electronic systems have changed the game in terms of document security. There’s now a variety of advanced security features you can employ to protect your files and folders.

ShareFile not only maintains stringent security measures for its cloud services, it also provides users with a long list of additional features to protect enterprise data, including:

Industry-standard encryption protocol — With the option to create additional encryption keys so your data has two levels of protective encryption.

Firewall and virus scanners — For external and internal protection against hackers and other potential security issues.

Audit and restriction controls — Your IT department can track and log user activity, ban third-party apps usage and restrict any devices that might introduce security vulnerabilities.

Poison pill — Set expirations for shared links and data shared to mobile devices.

Remote wipe — Whether an employee is leaving the company or someone’s device is lost or stolen, you’re protected by this feature. It allows you to wipe all passwords and data stored in ShareFile from any network-connected device.

Passcode and password protection — A basic but effective feature to restrict unauthorized users from accessing company data.

You should be able to feel confident in your data’s security no matter how or where you’re accessing it. Check out this video to learn more about how ShareFile can help improve how your company shares, stores and syncs its files. To get a free trial, contact us today.

Ready to try ShareFile? It's free for 30 days. No credit card required.

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