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Online file sharing security and risk assessment

Your business probably utilizes a variety of online and web-based services, from email to file sharing. However, many businesses neglect some basic file sharing security practices, leaving their data at risk. Even using out of date software can cause serious problems. So what can you do to ensure your file sharing security across your network? We'll show you.

The security of our file sharing

With Citrix ShareFile, there's no sacrifice of affordability or performance — and certainly no shortage of file-sharing security. Here's how we keep your information safe:

  • High-level data encryption — If you're not encrypting data in emails, you could be leaving confidential information exposed to unwarranted sets of eyes. And if you're using only a primitive form of encryption, you're inviting the ill-intentioned to decipher the text and do as they please with the information. We use only AES 256-bit encryption — the same standard used by the U.S. government for files of top secret classification. Also, our encryption doesn't rest when your files do. We maintain file encryption whether your data is in transfer or at rest in our servers.
  • Datacenter protection — Cloud storage is cloud storage, right? Not exactly. Though the "cloud" sounds like some faraway enclave, data stored in the cloud is actually stored in brick-and-mortar servers just like anything else. If those servers are compromised by natural disasters, information could be wiped clean. In contrast, the servers utilized by ShareFile are SSAE 16 audited, back up to multiple other datacenters around the globe and feature disaster recovery centers.
  • Custom security settings — Every company has its own process in place, and your file sharing security should reflect that personalization. With ShareFile, you can take advantage of download alerts, file activity reports, remote wipe and more.

Our security measures support the efforts of HIPAA, FINRA and other industry regulations. Stop rolling the dice with your files. Sign up for a free 30-day trial with ShareFile today, and put your data in a safer place.

Ready to try ShareFile? It's free for 30 days. No credit card required.

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