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File-Sharing Companies: What They Need to Have

With the surge in cloud technology coinciding with remote working, there's been no shortage of file-sharing companies springing up to offer professionals a place to exchange and store data and information. If you're looking to get in on the cloud game, here are ten characteristics any good file-sharing company should have.

Ten signs a file sharing company is doing it right

There are different ways file sharing companies will try to differentiate themselves in the marketplace. But at the core, every good file-sharing company will share these following traits.

  1. Accommodating bandwidth — Email systems have file-size restrictions. A great file-sharing company will allow users to go above and beyond those limitations.
  2. Ease of use — Sending a file shouldn't be a complicated matter, and companies should prioritize user-friendliness.
  3. Speed of transfer — Anything that takes longer to send than a traditional email is not what you need.
  4. Security of files — This is the most important thing. Don't trust any company that skimps on security.
  5. Compatibility of devices — Professionals use a wide variety of computers and devices, and they need to be able to share files easily from all of them.
  6. Integration of tools — You use so many tools for several different tasks. You shouldn't have to put them aside to send a file.
  7. Affordability — Sharing a file doesn't — and shouldn't — cost a fortune.
  8. Support — You can't afford to have a file get stuck because of a glitch. A good file-sharing company will offer 24/7 technical support.
  9. Customization — They're your files. You should have control over client portal setup or configurations.
  10. Accountability — It's not unreasonable to expect a way to monitor and trace files as they are uploaded, downloaded or modified.

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