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What Do You Want in a File-Sharing Website?

You’re searching for a file-share website, but do you really know what you want? Many people know they need to share files but don’t know how much storage they need, how large of a file they want to send or any other parameters.

To make things easy and narrow down your focus, take the quiz below and see if Citrix ShareFile is the file-sharing website you’ve been looking for.

Take the file-sharing test

1. How many files would you like to be able to store?

      A. The standard 50 GB offered by many file-sharing websites.

      B. The 1 TB offered by some of the upgraded websites.

      C. The unlimited number of files offered by ShareFile.

2. How big of a file would you like to be able to send?

      A. 5 GB, like that of basic file share websites.

      B. 10 GB, like that of some premium websites.

      C. 100 GB, like you can with ShareFile.

3. How would you prefer to contact customer service?

    A. By email only, as offered by some sites.

    B. By phone, but only during business hours, like other sites.

    C. 24/7 by phone or email, like ShareFile.

4. You’d like to share files from:

     A. Your office only, like you can with PC or Mac-only file share sites.

     B. Your home and office, such as made possible by other sites.

     C. Anywhere, on any web-capable device, like you can with ShareFile.


 5. You would like a:

      A. One-size-fits-all plan that is so often seen among file-sharing sites.

      B. Choice of four flexible plans all designed with different needs in mind, like the ones offered by ShareFile.


6. You’d like your files to be protected by:

      A. Basic encryption, like basic websites.

      B. A single password, like that of many sites.

      C. AES 256-bit encryption, multi-authentication passwords and backups to multiple datacenters with secure servers, like that of ShareFile.


7. You’d like a file-sharing website that is:

      A. Specific to one industry, like too many of the sites out there.

      B. Generic enough to be used for multiple types of businesses.

      C. Customizable to different industries and company brands, giving you a personal and familiar feel to your customer portal.


8. The accountability measures in your ideal file share website would include:

      A. The ability to see the previous five versions of a file.

      B. A tracker letting you know who was the last person to access the file.

      C. The ability to view all versions for the previous 30 days, a detailed tracker showing all file activity and real-time email alerts to notify you of file access, such as how            

          ShareFile creates accountability.


Now tally up the results. If the majority of your answers were “C,” you get an extra credit question: Would you like a free 30-day trial of ShareFile?

      A. Yes, sign me up.


Ready to try ShareFile? It's free for 30 days. No credit card required.

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