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File Sending Service

With high resolution image files and design-heavy PDFs, more and more businesses find that they need a file sending service to help them share data in any format or size instantly. Unfortunately, email attachments are just too restricted to handle many of these files. Large attachments often cause email messages to bounce from the recipient’s inbox and can even prevent successful sending. These limitations are frustrating and also waste valuable time as the sender searches for an alternative solution. Companies need professional, flexible file sending solutions in order to maintain an efficient and consistent workflow when it comes to sharing information.

Powerful file sharing for better business

Instead of worrying about compressing large files or attaching them and hoping they will be received, place your files in a protected online space where your coworkers, clients and vendors can access them anytime, without restriction. Citrix ShareFile brings the ease of cloud-based storage and file sending services to companies everywhere, backed by best-in-class security and administration tools. With the ability to transfer files up to 10 GB in size, ShareFile makes it possible to transfer even your largest files and folders.

  • Protect data with password requirements and encryption during file storage and transfer.
  • Match your ShareFile account page to your website with our complimentary custom-branding services.
  • Securely send large files in seconds with Microsoft Outlook integration.
  • Manage your files with easy-to-use online folders and user access controls.
  • Share files anytime, anywhere with ShareFile mobile apps.

Find out how our dedicated file storage and transfer tool can keep your team organized and efficient. ShareFile invites you to try our file sending service with a completely free, no-obligation trial. Sign up for a 30-day trial of the service today.