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How to Find the Best File-Hosting Site For Your Needs

Browsing through file-hosting sites to store your personal or professional data can be challenging, given the never-ending list of options. So, how do you narrow that list down? Not all file-hosting sites were created equal, so make sure you seek one that’s flexible, reliable and has a large storage capacity to start.

Top features to look for in a file-hosting site

While these features are relatively basic, they also can be overlooked when shopping around for file-hosting options. It’s easy to assume that the host site would provide them, but it’s not always the case.

Make absolutely sure your site of choice isn’t skimping on these features:

Reliable security — Several different kinds of internal and external threats exist in a number of heavily regulated industries. Make sure you can control who views your files or folders and that you can determine who has downloaded which files at what time. Knowing this information can only protect you.

Track and monitor — Once you upload your files onto your hosting site, you still want to maintain that feeling of being in control of your data. After all, it is your data. Make sure any hosting site you consider has a thorough system for tracking and monitoring all file activity so you’re not caught off guard in case something unexpected occurs.

Off-site backups — This should be at the top of your list. Off-site backups not only mean that your host site is responsible for the security and auditing of the servers your data is stored in, but they also protect you from unexpected disaster scenarios.

Citrix ShareFile, a cloud-based file-hosting solution, provides these features and much more.

Get a secure and flexible file-hosting solution with ShareFile

Why sort through a bunch of file-hosting sites, looking for all those key features, when they all exist in the cloud-based services provided by ShareFile? With four levels of customizable, secure plan options, we’re confident that you’ll find the best fit for your needs with us.

With no software or plugin installation needed, our file-hosting solution easily integrates into your daily workflow to enhance your efficiency and productivity by providing:

Large storage: Our four levels of cloud service plans include storage options ranging from 100 GB in size to unlimited.

Flexible cloud access: Securely access your files and folders from any mobile device or desktop with Internet access that’s connected to the network.

 Secure large file uploads: Quickly do this in a single transfer for files as large as 100 GB.

Safe and secure: We make your data’s security our priority with industry-standard (AES 256-bit) encryption protocol, firewalls and virus scanners. Our advanced security features include the tracking and logging of all file activity in real time, as well as share link expirations and off-site backups. Your data is always protected, no matter if it’s in transfer or at rest.

Find out more about why ShareFile is the file-hosting site you’ve been looking for and how our user-friendly features can benefit your workflow today.