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What business professionals should know about file encryption for Mac

Mac computers have a reputation for security and reliability. However, all computers and systems need take steps to keep critical data secure, as no system or OS is immune from malicious attention. We have some powerful solutions for file encryption and secure file sharing for any system or OS, including Macs.

How file encryption works

People have used encryption to hide the contents of messages since ancient times.

Files are encrypted with a large digital number key scrambled by complicated mathematics. The higher the number of bits, the more combinations a potential attacker would need to try before accessing the file.

How to encrypt files on a Mac

You may think your files are secure, but experts say you still need file encryption on Mac computers. For those running Mac OS X Lion or higher and have downloaded the latest updates, you can encrypt files with its built-in FileVault encryption software:

  • In the system preferences menu, elect Security and Privacy.
  • Select FileVault. To turn it on, you must have an administrator privileges on the computer. Click on the gold padlock and enter your credentials.
  • Select which user accounts can access the file you are encrypting.
  • You will be given a recovery key — it serves as a backup password — that you should write down. You can also decide if you want Apple to store it for you.
  • Restart your computer.

FileVault uses 128-bit encryption. ShareFile, on the other hand, offers up to 256-bit SSL during transfer, and 256-bit AES encryption during storage.

ShareFile Sync for Mac

With ShareFile Sync for Mac, folders on your computer will automatically sync with folders in your ShareFile account in real-time. Updates and online backup is automatic.

In addition to file encryption in email for both Mac and Windows computers, ShareFile provides simple file transfers with the click of a button. With a 99 percent uptime, the service is reliable and convenient. Your files are accessible when you need them, wherever you are.

At ShareFile we offer 24/7 customer service, 365 days a year. We can create a customized plan for businesses of any size.

We make file encryption for a Mac easy. Sign up for a free trial of ShareFile today.

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