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Cracking the Code on File Encryption

The concept of file encryption dates back as far as the natural metals inside your computer. Encryption is the practice of converting important information to code in preparation of storage or transfer.

The way we upload, download and store data in today’s business world leaves it all vulnerable to falling before the wrong set of eyes or malicious viruses. File encryption works by scrambling the data before sending it to storage or another user, leaving it unreadable to third parties. When opened by the desired recipient, the data is then unscrambled back to its original form., ensuring a secure file transfer.

Methods of Encrypting Files

There are essentially three ways to encrypt a file. You can do it manually, download software that will perform an encryption or use a cloud-based provider such as Citrix ShareFile that will automatically encrypt all your files for you.

Manually encrypting a file can be done with just a few clicks of the mouse for basic Windows documents, but it can get a little more involved for more complex programs.

File encryption software can be expensive, complicated to install and require maintenance and updates. Plus, the recipient of the file may need to have the same software in order to decrypt the data.

Encryption the ShareFile way

A web-based platform such as ShareFile is the most efficient way to encrypt files. With ShareFile, your data is automatically safeguarded with AES 256-bit encryption, the standard encryption method used by the U.S. government for top-secret files.

Unlike many other file-sharing services, we keep your information safely encrypted at all times whether in storage or transfer phases. And instead of sending unsecure emails, you can easily encrypt your email messages and attachments. ShareFile also easily integrates with Microsoft Outlook for a streamlined flow of safeguarded work.

Maximum file encryption is only the tip of our security iceberg. Our other protection measures include multiple accredited datacenters, regular backups, file versioning, mobile security, multifactor authentication and more.

Don’t leave your data vulnerable. Use ShareFile for the best protection of your most important data.

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