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Enterprise Cloud Storage Providers: Premium Cloud Storage for Your Needs

When choosing a premium cloud storage provider, it's important to understand the features you need and how those features will benefit your business. Take the first step by learning more about what enterprise cloud-based storage with has to offer.

1. Tip the scale. What good is enterprise cloud storage if it can’t be scaled to include all users who need it? Some providers have the capacity to include thousands of users across the company for maximum use.

2. Think sync. At an enterprise business, work is performed on a variety of tools in real time. Any file you store in the cloud should be synced to any company device to put everyone on the same page.

3. Master your mobility. PCs, Macs, laptops, tablets and smartphones are all a part of today’s business world. They should be a part of your cloud storage too.

4. Keep it where you want it. You may not want all of your data to be kept in the cloud. A good provider will grant you that freedom.

5. Integrate, integrate, integrate. Enterprise companies utilize an assortment of Microsoft platforms across a range of departments. Being able to upload documents in the cloud straight from those programs allows for a seamless workflow.

6. Know mum’s the word. Nothing should come between you and the security of your enterprise. Some of the file protection measures taken by today’s providers include remote wiping, device locking, passcode protection and datacenter auditing.

7. Remember size matters. An enterprise cloud storage provider should come with enterprise power for storing and transfering files.

8. Take it easy. The time and resources to train dozens or even hundreds of employees to use a complicated system is hard to come by. Don’t underestimate the importance of simplicity and ease of use in a cloud storage provider.

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