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Encrypt Emails and Keep Your Data Safe

What is encryption? Citrix ShareFile can encrypt emails that you send to your colleagues, friends, and family, so that only the intended recipients can view what you’ve written. Here are the answers to some common questions about email encryption with ShareFile.

What is encryption?

Encryption is a method that transforms your data during transfer or storage so that it requires permission to access. An algorithm generates a decryption key that can open the data. It’s especially important to use encryption when transferring sensitive files, so that no outside sources have access to the data.

What is ShareFile Encrypted Email?

ShareFile Encrypted Email encrypts the body of your message as well as any attachments. You can also receive encrypted emails directly from the ShareFile web application. This feature uses the latest version of the ShareFile Plugin for Microsoft Outlook, and must be enabled by an account administrator.

How do I send an encrypted email?

Log in to your ShareFile web application and click the Admin link in the navigation bar. Click on Advanced Preferences and navigate to the Email and Notifications Menu. Select ‘Yes’ under Enable Encrypted Email, and you’re ready to encrypt!

When you’re sending an email using the ShareFile Plugin for Microsoft Outlook, simply compose an email as usual. Any files you attach will automatically be encrypted. Before you send your file, turn Encryption on in the message bar. Then, send it securely!

How does ShareFile keep my data safe?

We use an industry-standard AES 256-bit SSL encryption to keep the contents of your email safe from prying eyes. There are several additional options users can select for encrypted emails. You can chose to require the recipient to enter his/her name and email address before accessing the email, or you can require that the recipient log in with his or her credentials for ShareFile.  

Users can also customize how long the encrypted email and attached files will be available to the recipient, and may choose to be notified when the encrypted email is viewed.

When you want to encrypt emails without disrupting your workflow, the ShareFile Plugin for Microsoft Outlook makes it easy. Install the plugin and try it out today! Not a customer yet? Try it free and see how ShareFile can work for you.

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