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Email Files

Email is easy and convenient, but business users know that it’s a problematic way to send sensitive information. Email provides no protection for data during sending, transferring information in plain text that can be intercepted and read by anyone. Further, businesses often need to send large files, whether video, audio, images and drawings, or lengthy PDF files. Attaching files larger than just a few megabytes can cause errors when sending, bounce backs from recipients’ inboxes and unnecessary use of inbox and server storage space. Companies need a secure, robust alternative to email to help them send large and sensitive files quickly and confidently.

ShareFile is the easy, professional way to send files

Citrix ShareFile provides business-friendly, secure software to help companies of all kinds send and receive files without the problems that come with email attachments. With a web-based interface, users can upload and send large files as secure, password-protected links anytime, anywhere.

  • Send files or folders up to 10 GB quickly and easily
  • Access ShareFile anytime with desktop and mobile apps
  • Send secure links from Microsoft Outlook with the ShareFile Plugin for Outlook
  • Reduce strain on your inbox with cloud-based file storage and access
  • Promote a professional image with a customized online interface

Find out how simple file sending can be. Contact ShareFile for a complimentary, 30-day free trial.