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Discover Important Answers About Email Encryption Freeware

Email encryption freeware is a way of protecting email messages on their journey to their recipients. This freeware is typically easy to use, is generally safe and best of all — free.

But before you go downloading the first email encryption freeware you find, it’s important to consider just a few things to determine whether it's really the best encrypted email solution for you.

Email encryption freeware: The tough questions

What are you really getting?

Oftentimes you don’t know who is coding the freeware. Are you really getting the encryption protection you seek? Can you trust this program with your important email files? It’s vital to know what you’re actually getting.

Is it simple to use?

Email encryption freeware may be free of charge, but it’s not always free of headaches. There’s downloading, installing, configuring and troubleshooting to navigate before you encrypt anything. Some freeware solutions are easier to use than others, so be sure to find one that’s simple enough for you.

Is it safe?

Downloading freeware of any type comes with a risk of downloading a virus or spyware to your computer. And the whole point of using encryption in the first place is for safety. As a general rule for downloading anything off the Internet, make sure you have antivirus protection in place first.

Is anybody there?

Freeware typically doesn’t come with any customer support, so you’re riding solo if you encounter any problems.

Can I use it on any device?

Downloading email encryption freeware to your computer is nice for when you’re sending emails from that particular computer. But what about sending emails from a laptop, tablet, smartphone or other computer? Most freeware is relegated to work on just a single device.

Just how good is it?

It’s free for a reason. Email encryption comes in varying degrees of security, and that program you just downloaded may not offer the very best protection.

To encrypt or not to encrypt?

Does that freeware program you’ve been eyeing encrypt files while they are at rest or only during transfer stages?

Ask yourself this: If that email is important enough to encrypt, isn’t it important enough to encrypt it the right way?

Do your homework before downloading or using any email encryption freeware, and if you find it's downsides are not appropriate to your business, try a cloud-based encrypted email software like Citrix ShareFile instead. ShareFile offers state-of-the-art encryption both at rest and in transfer, no installation or maintenance requirements and 24/7 support for an encryption system that can go anywhere on any device. See why over 60 million professionals choose ShareFile by participating in a free 30-day trial.

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