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Effective Collaboration and File Access - Wherever and Whenever You Need It

By Carmen P. Fleischauer, Citrix ShareFile

Organizations making the move to a virtual workspace must implement processes and technologies to ensure a smooth transition. Collaboration is one of the most important parts of a successful virtual workspace. In addition to typical tools like instant messaging and video conferencing, using a secure, file-sharing solution will ease the transition for all clients and employees.

Work is no longer sequestered to a single device in an office setting. Rather, work can be done from anywhere – airport lobby, dentist office or a beach in Mexico. With greater flexibility comes a greater need for collaboration and security precautions. IT has the job of supporting many devices and platforms and implementing security on all of them. Because this can be a frustrating process, technology that already has security measures in place means less hassle for IT.

A secure solution for sharing files

Citrix ShareFile is a cloud-based file sharing solution built specifically for business. ShareFile is the easiest way to securely share business files with one person or a hundred. Multiple-device synchronization enables users to have secure access to files wherever they are.

Improve everyday business functions

Support employees through secure file sharing inside and outside of the office. Sending files back and forth across email can become tedious, especially when dealing with large file sizes. ShareFile solves the problem of limiting email size restrictions by allowing users to easily send large files up to 10 GB. Easy integrations with tools like Microsoft Outlook and Citrix Receiver increase productivity because daily workflow is never interrupted by a lengthy installation or configuration process.

Less disruption means a shorter implementation process and less hassle for IT and support teams.

+ Integrate ShareFile into your workflow with powerful tools.

+ Send individual files up to 10 GB in size (competitors limit to 2 GB).

+ Get help with setup and support from your onboarding specialist.

Gain instant access to files

Users can access files instantly across all devices. ShareFile stores and organizes files in folders that mimic a computer’s file system. To share a file, use the “Send a File” link on the navigation bar in the web interface, enter a recipient and click to upload a file. The recipient will receive an email containing a hyperlink to the file. Because all files are stored in the cloud, recipients won’t use precious computer storage space.

In addition to sending files, data can be shared with users on a folder-by-folder basis. Unlike consumer filesharing services, ShareFile provides the functionality to choose which users can share folders with others. Designate which actions each individual can take, including the ability to upload, download or delete files.

Synchronize and collaborate immediately

Another useful feature is the ability to sync a user’s ShareFile account with their computer files. Choosing either a ShareFile folder or a local folder as the source allows users to mirror that folder in either location.

The two-way sync capability makes it easy to update files in both locations. Changes to each folder are automatically recognized and adopted by the other.

With synchronization across all devices, users can be confident that they are working on the correct version of a file. In the event of a lost or stolen device, IT can remotely remove files and company data.

+ Sync files to any device.

+ Access and edit files offline from your mobile device.

+ Share files with anyone.

+ Protect data with encryption, device lock and remote wipe tools.

+ Create an online file-sharing space for your team.

Utilize powerful security precautions

Sent files may contain sensitive or confidential information, making security an important concern for businesses. Without a layer of protection, data is subject to be hacked, and loss of information may occur. ShareFile employs up to 256-bit AES encryption and Secure Socket Layer (SSL) or Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption protocols for all file transfers and 256-bit encryption for files stored on ShareFile’s servers. The latest firewalls and Internet security updates ensure that ShareFile keeps data completely safe.

+ Store data on SSAE 16 certified data centers.

+ Get peace of mind with user-created passwords stored hashed on ShareFile’s database.

+ Improve data security using software that passes daily scans for McAfee SECURE accreditation.

+ Share with confidence thanks to automatic virus scanning of all uploaded files.

Customize branding and reporting

ShareFile enables full customization of the online workspace, allowing businesses to present ShareFile as their own branded service. Intuitive reporting tools, workflow audit trails, configurable permissions and remote wipe give insight into and control over who, when and how often corporate data is accessed and handled.

Seamless integration for increased functionality

As business practices continue to change, it is increasingly important to adapt to the changes. Choosing the correct technology and easy-to-use solutions is key to improving business functions. ShareFile eases the transition to a virtual workspace. In-office and remote employees maintain the ability to collaborate effortlessly without the headache of security concerns. Built specifically with businesses in mind, this customizable file-sharing solution is a welcome addition to any organization.

+ Send sensitive files directly from Microsoft Outlook.

+ Transfer large files and folders up to 10 GB.

+ Keep data safe on your mobile device with remote wipe functionality.

+ Support mobile sharing from any device.

+ Track and control data with robust reporting, email notifications and folder permissions.

+ Custom-brand your ShareFile site to match your company website.