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The Secure File Sharing, Storage and IRS-accepted E-signature Solution for Accountants

Making tax season, preparation and audits easier has a simple solution — Citrix ShareFile. ShareFile is a file sharing and storage solution that more than 17,000 accounting firms worldwide trust to simplify workflows and keep client data safe. Imagine being able to send a QuickBooks file up to 100 GB in size by email, all with the protection needed for sensitive financial data. And that’s not all; ShareFile offers the simplest solution for accessing, sending, receiving, editing and protecting your files on any computer, smartphone or tablet.

Key benefits

• Securely and quickly send and receive QuickBooks files, monthly statements, tax returns and other files.

• Get unlimited cloud storage and integrations with tools you already use, including Microsoft Outlook, QuickBooks Online, Fujitsu ScanSnap and others.

• Send documents signed faster with an IRS-accepted e-signature solution.

Trusted data security

Get top protection for your clients’ files

Dealing with sensitive financial data means your files should be sent and received with more security than just password-protected PDFs. ShareFile bypasses the risks of less secure methods, such as email or free consumer filesharing services, by hosting and backing up your files and folders on secure datacenters in the cloud that meet governing requirements as well as adding more security measures for efficient operation. The result is protection 24/7 for your clients’ data.

Key features:

• Protect stored files and IP information with state-of-the art security and encryption.

• Send and receive large files securely by email — ShareFile encrypts both the message and all attachments.

• Get virtually mistake-proof signatures for 8879s and other documents instantly with legally binding e-signature.

• Easily sync information across all devices so files stay up to date, accessible and backed up in one central and secure repository.

• Add layers to safeguard data with customizable security settings, including two-step verification methods, SMS, voice and backup codes for account entry.

Ease of use for everyone involved

An intuitive file-sharing solution that integrates with your systems

You need to send a massive QuickBooks file to a client. Or worse, you need your client to send it to you. What time does the mail get here? Maybe you can drive over and get it on a CD. You need to send all of those 8879s out for signature — better start following up with clients now, or you’ll never get them all signed. Your client just called and asked you to send over her last three years of returns — great, there goes an hour wasted today. Sound familiar?

“The capability to send large files as well as the added security ShareFile provides have been essential to our firm.”

-Patrick Dunlap, network and systems specialist, JamisonMoneyFarmer (JMF)

Citrix ShareFile can handle all of these tasks with a simple, all-in-one solution. You can send massive files up to 100 GB by email, and give clients a way to send you massive files securely. With RightSignature in your ShareFile account, you can get those 8879s signed instantly and completely; clients cannot return forms unless all fields are complete.

And you’ll never again waste time finding old files for clients; with a secure client portal from ShareFile, they always have access to their — and only their — old returns or files at any time, on any device. You can even start that journey towards becoming paperless. ShareFile integrates with Fujitsu ScanSnap and QuickBooks Online so you can handle every client need without ever needing to print a thing.

Key features:

• Use the ShareFile Plugin for Microsoft Outlook to send and receive large files up to 100 GB in size right in your inbox.

• Send tax documents electronically to get IRS-accepted e-signatures — once signed, they automatically go right back to your ShareFile account.

• Get unlimited cloud storage so you and your clients can store and access as many files, forms and documents as desired.

• Link electronic source documents in QuickBooks Online without size restrictions and with permanent storage and backup in ShareFile.

• Scan printed client files directly to your ShareFile account on any Fujitsu ScanSnap scanner to reduce paperwork.

• Use ShareFile Mobile Apps to access, edit, send or request client files on the go from any smartphone or tablet.

Why ShareFile?

Security that supports compliance —

ShareFile has more than 25 customizable security settings and high-grade data encryption. You can give employees and clients access to only the files you want them to see.

Simplicity and ease of use —

No matter whether your firm employs 1 or 1,000, ShareFile offers unlimited live training sessions, 24/7 customer support and white glove onboarding for your staff and clients.

Best-in-class support —

ShareFile provides industry-specific solutions for business workflows. It integrates conveniently with email, desktop and mobile tools to add security and easy file share for you.

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