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Sign Online: The Advantages of E-Signature Software

Most documents are created electronically. There's no reason their signatures shouldn't be done the same way.

RightSignature is the e-Signature software included with your Citrix ShareFile account. NDAs, contracts, forms — use e-Signature anywhere, there's nothing to download. Just open up a browser, choose the file and add your legally binding signature

Electronic signatures for a paperless world

The legality of e-signatures was first established in Utah in 1995. In 2000, the U.S. passed the Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act (ESIGN) into law. Since then, e-signatures have become more and more mainstream in day-to-day business operations.


RightSignature is the number one choice of e-signature software applications. It's simple to use, there's nothing to download and most importantly — it's secure. You can use a handwritten style signature, or choose type-to-sign. Either way, RightSignature works in any browser and on any device.

Authentication Protocols

The legality of the e-signature process is reinforced by RightSignature security measures. An audit trail follows the document's every move. Biometric authentication captures digital characteristics unique to the signer, bolstering the authenticity of the signature. 

Data encryption uses SSL, with up to 256-bit encryption. You can request a webcam recording of the signature and RightSignature provides a digital certificate with court-admissible validity data.

ShareFile Document Management

ShareFile is a cloud-based business tool for storing and sharing electronic documents. It only makes sense that we would include e-signature software to help our clients.

RightSignature works seamlessly with common document types, so our customers can use their existing files. Email the recipient with a link to your file (no attachment required) and the deal can be done in minutes. Even the largest files can be shared without issue.

Multi-Signature Capability

ShareFile provides workflow and routing features to help companies manage documents through review and approval. Files can be checked in and out and require signatures at multiple levels in the organization.

RightSignature is the perfect application for multi-signature authority. Because an audit trail is logged, every signature is documented and authenticated.

Regulatory Compliance

For attorneys, contracts or depositions can be sent via email. Just give the signer permission to access the document and it's linked to your email. RightSignature uses flag navigation to point to every place a signature is required.

E-signature software is a great tool, but combined with ShareFile? It's a productivity wizard.

Sign up for a free 30-day trial with no obligation. See how ShareFile and RightSignature will make your business better.