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Liberate Yourself with Premium Document Storage

Ever since the Declaration of Independence began deteriorating due to its early handling, document storage has proved a challenge.
But just like our Founding Fathers, Citrix ShareFile escaped the boundaries of control to lead a revolution for the masses. ShareFile is a cloud-based document storage software program exhibiting many of the same qualities as the Land of Liberty.

Storing documents with ShareFile

ShareFile addresses a number of key areas of document storage, including but not limited to:

Safety. Multi-factor authentication, top-of-the-line encryption and regular backups at secure data centers offer the security you need for your files.

Mobility. Our mobile capabilities ensure you’re never more than a touch screen away from your documents. Upload, save and access from laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Capacity. We have unlimited room for your documents, and when it comes time to share, you can do so with up to 100 GB in seconds.

Assistance. A 24/7 customer support line or online chat feature provides backup support for your document storing needs.

Branding. Personalize your user portal according to your own brand and customize settings for enhanced user friendliness.

Range. You can scale ShareFile to include thousands of company employees and unlimited client users.

Synchronization. Sync up account folders with those on your computer for real-time updates and instant backups.

Integration. Integrate ShareFile with your Microsoft Outlook platform for seamless document storage straight from your workstream.

Ease of use. Send, retrieve or share a file with just a few clicks of your mouse.

Finally, a trusted, affordable and easy-to-use document storage system is available. And everyone from doctors and lawyers to accountants and architects are using it.

Store your first document with ShareFile just minutes from now by signing up for your free 30-day, no-obligation trial. Document storage will never be an issue again.

Ready to try ShareFile? It's free for 30 days. No credit card required.

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